We offer a few options of servicing for Rockshox Reverb Seatposts, if you need more specific servicing done please contact us on :

 - Option 1 : Reverb Refresh - £30

This service is basically like a lower leg service on a set of forks. Ideal if the Reverb is feeling gritty or has started to mark the stantion itself.

We will strip the shaft from the seatpost, clean and regrease the locator pins, replace the seals in the collar and lower post if necessary (this will incur an extra cost)  and rebuild the seatpost.

 - Option 2 - Total Reverb Refresh - £60

Ideal if the Reverb has developed the dreaded half inch of sag or not acting as it should. 

This option will see us completely strip the seatpost down, replace the oil in the IFP chamber, set the IFP to the correct height, clean and regrease all the internal seals, (replacement seals also available at an extra cost) rebuild the post and re-bleed the remote.

 - Option 3 - Reverb Remote Bleed - £10

Remote not doing as it's supposed to do? feeling a bit spongy? This ones for you.

We will remove all existing hydraulic fluid from the remote system and re-bleed it with fresh Reverb Hydraulic fluid and test for full range of motion.

 - Option 4 - Reverb Remote Hose Replacement - £30

Severed your hydraulic hose? Kinked it during an uplift? Replacing the hose is the best option.

We will remove the old hose and hydraulic fluid from the remote and post and replace with a new hose cut to your specified length and re-bleed the remote.

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