Here at Fresh we aim to build you the highest quality wheels we can, whatever the budget. We use the best quality components from DT Swiss, Sapim, Mavic, Stans, Pacenti, Hope, Campagnolo, and many more. To enquire about a Custom Build please contact us on :

Once you have chosen your ideal combination of Hubs, Rims & Spokes and are happy with the quote we provide for the job we will then start the build process.

This comprises of the 4 Steps shown below.

 - Step 1 : Measurements -

We begin by measuring the dimensions of the Hubs and Rims, these can differ from manufacturers specification by up to 10mm which can throw out spoke lengths and make for an uneven build. From there we will input the hub dimensions, spoke pattern and rim ERD into our Spoke Calculator which will then give us the correct spoke length for your build.

 - Step 2 : Lacing -

The next step is the part that many deem to be the dark art that is wheelbuilding. We will have chosen a lacing pattern that you are happy with and one that will suit your needs.

There are 3 main lacing patterns :

Radial : Each spoke goes straight from the hub directly to the rim.
2 Cross : Each spoke will cross under 1 spoke and over another before reaching the rim.
3 Cross : Each spoke will cross under 2 spokes and over 1 before reaching the rim.

There are also a few options for mixing the patterns on either side of the wheel.

 - Step 3 : Tensioning -

Once the wheel has been laced correctly, the nipples are then driven onto the spokes and the rim is made to be radially true, from here the side-to-side movement is removed and finally the tension of each spoke is measured and input into our tension calculator, this will give us a graph showing where the differences in tension need to be addressed.

 - Step 4 : Ride -

After the last 3 steps have been completed the next thing to do is to deliver the wheels to your door and for you to go and ride!

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